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ILM Coaching Qualifications

Why Coach?
In this ever-changing environment all your employees are expected to achieve more with less time and resources. Effective coaching will enable your organisation to get better results, improve customer service and increase profitability

Effective coaching challenges a person’s boundaries in their thinking and belief in what they can achieve. It is more cost effective to coach internal talent than recruiting.
Coaching empowers employees to take personal responsibility and take action to achieve organisational goals and objectives however it is only effective when the person, being coached actually takes action.

Coaching as a leadership tool
Coaching is an effective leadership style and is the lubricant in the act of delegating. Coaching develops capability and promotes employee engagement. The research demonstrates that where positive leadership styles are utilised then teams flourish, individuals increase in confidence and performance improves.

Coaching to get results!
Can you remember the TV programme ‘Beverly Hillbillies’? Well, there is a great story from American guru, Zig Ziglar. Apparently at the turn of the last century a Texan farmer had to put his land up for sale because he was struggling to make a living. An oil company approached him and offered him a royalty on every barrel if they could drill on his land. The farmer had nothing to lose and the drilling started. Zig goes onto say a gusher came out and it made the farmer an instant millionaire. Or did it? Zig has this terrific way of making you think. Could it have been the farmer was a millionaire before they struck black gold? He was sitting on an untapped fortune. He just didn’t know it!

Applying the same principle to people...maybe we already have all the resources we need? What potential riches and strengths are we sitting on that are just waiting to be tapped into? And it’s not just about you! What about the potential of the people in your workplace?

Coaching is all about tapping into reserves we already have. Employee engagement is a hot topic in forward thinking organisations and this is how you can increase it in yours.


Part 1 - What is coaching

Part2 - Pygmalion effect


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