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become a great leader and coach using nlp

NLP Master Practitioner Training

Master Practitioner of NLP and Coaching
(Incorporating Master Practitioner Time Line Therapy TM and Master Practitioner Hypnosis) with optional ILM 7 Certificate in Executive Coaching & Mentoring

Why become a NLP Master Practitioner?

The NLP Master Practitioner Training programme will enable you to achieve more from your business and personal life. It will empower you to decide what you want and set plans in place to achieve it. You will move forward with self-assurance doing things that were once out of your comfort zone.

And you will be happier too!


Part 1 - Sliding doors

Part 2 - Taking action

How we run it

We have included individual coaching sessions for you to work on your professional and personal goals and a whole breakthrough day towards the end of the programme where you will work with another delegate to remove any blockages and limiting beliefs that are holding you back. Just imagine a whole day to work on you! Commercially Master Practitioners typically charge £1500 to £2500 for this and you get it included in your course.

You can pay for the NLP Master Practitioners Training programme using a company purchase order or if you are paying for it yourself with interest free installments. Once you have booked you will receive a pre course study pack of 10 Master Practitioner and Master Coach CDs, a manual and text books. Prior to the live training you will complete a test based on your study materials. Then you will join us for 12 days of training. This is usually split into two blocks of five days and seven days with a few weeks in between.

What you will learn

The Master Practitioner includes four qualifications: Master Practitioner of NLP, Master NLP Coach, Master Practitioner of Hypnosis and Master Practitioner of Time Line Therapy TM.

There are several areas of learning:

1. How to use your language so that you can change people’s fears, beliefs and conflicts conversationally. An excellent repertoire of skills for a coach or leader.

2. Understanding the cycle of values that people, organisations and countries can progress through and how we can utilise this knowledge in coaching, leading organisational changes and motivation.

3. Changing someone’s unconscious behaviour patterns so that they are more effective. We are a bundle of habits and behaviours. Most of them help us but some waste time and don’t get us the best results. Strategies as they are known in NLP circles are fun and rewarding to work with.

4. Removing negative emotions, fears, phobias. Stress, time off work and more debilitating thinking and behavioural patterns can be overcome with the techniques you will become proficient in on your Master Practitioner course. Forward thinking organisations are using trained Master Practitioners to support their staff and keep them healthy and at work.

5. Removing limiting beliefs and increasing confidence. We build on the techniques you learned at Practitioner level so that you are more proficient at helping people gain confidence and more capable.

6. Meta Programmes - Understanding how people think so that we can communicate with them and see how they fit best into our teams.

7. Coaching and really listening to someone so that you can challenge their model of the world and see things differently, take action and achieve better results for themselves.

8. How to model people who are excellent at something they do. Someone who is excellent at something will have a belief about it and set of conscious and unconscious behavior patterns. We teach you how to elicit these and assimilate it yourself. Modeling is how NLP started and is useful in sport and business.

9. You will also learn how to help others relax using hypnosis. You will be able to assist them in making changes, increase confidence and adopt new behaviours. The Master Practitioner of Hypnosis is certified by the American Board of Hypnotherapy and includes several types of trance induction including: Milton, Elman and Estabrooks inductions and convincers; deepening techniques; imbedded metaphors; use of a pendulum for indeomotor signals; and rapid induction.

ILM 7 Certificate in Executive Coaching and Mentoring

The ILM 7 Certificate in Executive Coaching and Mentoring is a highly sought after qualification by independent executive coaches; HR and organisational development professionals; and senior coaches within organisations. Our Master Practitioner course already meets the competencies of the International Coaching Federation (ICF) and we are now offering the ILM 7 Coaching qualification alongside our this programme to give you even greater credibility and ability.

So why complete the ILM 7 Strategic Coaching qualification with the Master Practitioner course?

Well for several reasons. The stand alone ILM 7 qualification is usually six days in duration at an average cost of £2300 plus VAT and it does not include advanced linguistics, NLP and Time Line Therapy TM techniques to give your coachee greater confidence and belief in themselves, together with a whole range of tools to use with your coachee.

So what will you gain in addition to the excellent tools learned on the Master Practitioner programme?

Because you have to review and keep records of twenty hours of coaching it will create a need to get engaged with people at a senior level to develop an internal or external client base. You will have to critically reflect on feedback from your coaching sessions in order to develop your own performance and you will also have to have a deeper understanding of strategy and leadership models.

In addition to the 10 cds and the 12 day Master Practitioner course (split into a 5 day block and a 7 day block) you will receive additional reading on strategic leadership and attend a tutorial/s to support your understanding of the assignments and materials in the evening/s.

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