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become a great leader and coach using nlp

NLP Practitioner Training

The NLP Practitioner Training programme will enable you to be a better leader and coach and to notice new possibilities and choices that are on offer to you that perhaps you were not aware of before. If you run your own company or aspire to, it will mean that you can progress with even more confidence.

Hi Steve,

I cannot thank you enough...

After my wife & I attended your NLP Practitioner & Time Line Therapy course at the Holiday Inn, Birmingham, our lives have positively changed:

Not only do we have some amazing training tools and techniques to use in life, in our management roles, with our clients and with our children but we also had amazing breakthroughs ourselves.

After considering 3 providers, I chose qualityculture because of the amount of information you gave about the content and especially because of the pre course material and audio CDs which lay a perfect foundation for the course.

We both feel that you delivered way more value than you promised and we appreciated all the additional mind-sets you brought to the training.

I will be recommending you to my close friends and if anyone is considering taking an NLP Practitioner course - they will miss out if they don't go with your company.

Alan Shieff

Whilst we are a business focused company, this NLP Practitioner Training programme will impact on all aspects of your life.

Personal Development Audio
Part 1 - What is NLP

Part 2 - Comfort Zones

Part 3 - Your Doorman

Part 4 - Mind is like land

Part 5 - Limiting beliefs

Benefits of Coaching and NLP Practitioner Training

Why Coach?

These days people in organisations have to be even more productive to achieve better results. Coaching empowers people and develops their capabilities. In fact when done well it will dramatically accelerate their growth. In financial terms it makes sense because it increases employee engagement and is more cost effective than recruiting people into new positions.

Why combine NLP and Coaching?

Because Coaching is about giving people personal responsibility and helping them achieve their goals and plans. What NLP does is give you the coach a greater understanding of how your coachee thinks and acts allowing you to have a far greater insight. It will also give you new techniques to help them remove the ‘blockages’ (limiting beliefs) that prevent them from setting and achieving bigger goals.

The NLP Practitioner Training programme comes in two parts: Firstly you will receive a pre-course study pack with 18 CDS and course materials. You will then complete a pre course test and join us for seven days of live training. Here you will be able to practice the tools and techniques with other delegates.

Workshop Content

Day One

We learn how our mind works and how to be in our most effective state. Taking Personal Responsibility is key to achievement. It is the corner stone of both NLP and coaching. We will show you how to recognise when you are not being fully accountable even if you think you are! We debate the values and beliefs of successful people and develop additional skills for building rapport with a variety of people.

Day Two

Every experience is bar coded and forms our reality. We will learn how to change our bar codes (submodality change) and those of others to ‘free up’ limiting beliefs. This is an excellent tool for coaches and leaders to use with others to help them set and achieve bigger goals.

Day Three

We learn how to really listen to the meaning of what someone is saying. We will be able to notice when people are not taking responsibility, blaming something or someone else or don’t feel that they have choices. We will learn how to develop language patterns to help them to progress into a more positive mind-set.

Day Four

Is all about coaching. We will learn several coaching models and links to leadership. We will discover how to elicit career values (the drivers that motivate our behaviours and actions) and identify if any values are conflicting with our goals. Each delegate will have their own coaching session to set and plan their goals.

Day Five and Six

These two days cover the Time Line Therapy TM Certification, how to do it and how to explain it to your future coachees. The purpose is to reduce the time spent on negative emotion and delete the lowest level limiting beliefs. We have a further coaching session to re examine changes in perspectives in the light of more confident delegates and set more stretching goals.

Day Seven

We learn several anchoring techniques and how to elicit decision strategies in order that we can feed these back to the person we are selling an idea, service or product. By feeding back in language which is favoured by their preferred representation systems we can be more attuned to their decision making programme.

We learn to goal set effectively and how to make business plans and team plans that work.

Call Lorna on 01332 856 396 or 0771 902 8480 to discuss how this programme fits with your career and business aims. Or fill in our contact form and she will give you a call and email you further information.

Optional ILM 7 Certificate in Executive Coaching and Mentoring bolt on

The ILM 7 Certificate in Executive Coaching and Mentoring is highly regarded by organisations procuring independent executive coaches; HR and organisational development professionals; and senior coaches within organisations. Our NLP Practitioner and Certified NLP Coach already meets the competencies of the International Coaching Federation (ICF) and we are now offering the ILM 7 Coaching qualification alongside our NLP Practitioner course to give you even greater credibility.

The ILM 7 qualification offered by most training bodies is usually six days in duration at an average cost of £2300 plus VAT and it does not include the NLP and Time Line Therapy TM techniques which will enable you to work with your coachee giving them greater confidence and self belief.

Much of the content within the stand alone ILM 7 programme is based on the teaching covered in the NLP Practitioner enabling us to combine these trainings in one course. We are also able to offer you the training in four UK locations and you can rejoin us twice a year for catch up sessions.

The ILM 7 requires you to complete three assignments including one on the business case for using coaching and mentoring within a strategic business environment. You will also complete 20 hours of coaching at a strategic level with evidence and a reflective assignment on your own abilities and effectiveness as a coach. This will stretch you but it will be worth it and it will enable you to build a network at a senior level.

In addition to the 18 CDs and the 7 day NLP Coach Practitioner course you will receive additional reading on strategic leadership and attend a tutorial/s to support your understanding of the assignments and materials.

NB this qualification can also be completed by delegates attending our NLP Master Practitioner programme.


If you are booking an internal programme for your organisation we will need to be set up as a supplier. If you are booking on to a public course and your company are paying then this will be the best value development they have invested in and we’ll show you how to demonstrate that. If you are paying for the programme yourself then well done, you really are taking responsibility for your future and to help you do that we can set up interest free payment plans whilst you listen to the pre-course study materials.

A Story!

Five years ago two women enquired about the NLP Practitioner Training course. One booked straight away and paid in installments. Since then she has had four promotions and considerable increases in salary, probably around 70%. The second woman finally persuaded her company to pay for her and has recently attended the programme. Her newfound confidence and excitement has resulted in her looking for a significant promotion because she is delivering a lot more value at work. Of course it does make us wonder what could have happened if she too had invested in herself 5 years ago

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