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Leadership training

We have a number of leadership training and coaching offerings incorporating the latest thinking in the field. However, for us to be able to help your organisation achieve your aims we have a simple process to ensure you get the most effective outcomes.

We don’t want to get into the ‘old management versus leadership debate’ but we do believe that leadership is not a salary grade but a choice! The scary thing is not doing it!

But 'getting it right' won't happen by accident. Indeed 'leadership' is too important to be left to chance. It needs stimulating, encouraging and nurturing at all levels which requires a planned approach to leadership development.

We believe that leaders going through our training and coaching can become 15-25% more effective enabling them to take on other functions and get the very best from their people.

Our training is based on the latest research and concepts, but delivered in a positive life-changing way and includes the latest thinking on leadership, coaching, NLP, Emotional Intelligence and Positive Psychology.

Our process

1. Connection

Firstly, we get to know you and get a thorough understanding of your people and teams. It is important to us that we have a good friendly relationship, and this forms the foundations for a successful partnership.

2. Discovery

We then ask lots of questions to understand what is happening in your organisation and leadership teams, what behaviours may be preventing the success you desire and what attitudes, behaviours and results you would like to see.

3. Solutions

The discovery process may take a little time, but it will be worth it. We will then discuss possible solutions to see if they fit with your business requirements. Once we have reached an agreement we can move ahead with your solution.

Our bespoke leadership programmes, tailored to you and your organisations needs are the best way to see real improvements over the medium to long term.

We also provide a number of online workshops and programmes that cover a number of areas in leadership, all incorporating the latest thinking in the field. These workshops can be booked as needed, but we can also tailor them to a specific need if required.

Our workshops and programmes

ILM 7 certificate for executive and senior level coaches and mentors

This programme is aimed at senior leaders and executive coaches to enhance their coaching and leadership effectiveness.

How can you join this programme?
  • Online via video conference
  • In person
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How to be a Better You!

Half day workshops to enable project leaders to build better relationships and positively influence those around them.

How is this workshop run?
  • Online via video conference
  • In person
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Leading with a Smile!

Show some teeth! We are not suggesting you go around grinning from ear to ear all day, but the fact is people are more creative and productive when the atmosphere at work is friendly and positive

How can you join this programme?
  • Online via video conference
  • In person
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Inside Out Thinking

On this workshop you’ll learn about how all your feelings and behaviour comes from one place... you.

How can you join this programme?
  • Online via video conference
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I cannot state strongly enough how impressed I have been with the leadership course and particularly the trainers from Quality Culture. I feel privileged to have experienced those 6 days with such a high calibre of professional trainers, and the learnings I have gained to the benefit of the business and my career I feel are huge!

Peter Wilson Ellis Ricoh UK

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