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Develop your People’s Strengths to increase Employee Engagement

According to research by Gallup (Tom Rath, 2009) where leadership fails to focus on an individual’s strengths, employee engagement is only 9% whereas when they focus on identifying and developing strengths it is a whopping 73%!

And, playing to your strengths increases your confidence which has an impact on your well-being and health. In other words, if we can identify what people enjoy doing, both inside and outside of work, and look to develop and encourage employing those skills, our employees will naturally become more engaged.

Here’s a great example: Sally manages an accounts team and out of work produces a village pantomime every year. After her Leadership training with qualityculture Ltd, Sally’s Director asked Sally to use her creativity to develop and run an engaging activity for their management conference. Sally was immediately highly engaged and her confidence soared! She used her creative flair to run a highly effective activity and is now involved in developing new accounting systems which will improve the overall business performance.

What strengths are in your team that can be developed to increase employee engagement and ultimately improve the business’ performance?!