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Leading with a Smile!

Show some teeth! We are not suggesting you go around grinning from ear to ear all day, but the fact is people are more creative and productive when the atmosphere at work is friendly and positive.

This workshop is done... Online via Microsoft Teams and person or In person at our workshops

Emotional Intelligence is key in modern leadership we look at what triggers our reactions and how we can become more self-aware, manage our responses and tune in to the team spreading the good stuff around.

How can you get more done with less resource and time? Well we’ll show you how to get the best from those around you with four simple approaches.

Effective leaders are flexible in their approach, we introduce two models of leadership, which facilitate this: Situational leadership and Goleman’s Repertoire of leadership styles. The big three motivational theories are ‘old hat’ and are too general in their approach. We identify the factors that motivate YOU and give you a tool you can use to identify exactly what motivates your individual team members and how you can coach them to attain more fulfilment in their roles.

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