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Kaleb – Jeremy Clarkson’s Farm

For those of you who have not been blessed with opportunity to meet the ‘inspired’ twenty-one-year-old Kaleb, co-star to Jeremy who out classes James May and Richard Hammond you are in for a treat if you do. This is not a plug for Amazon Prime but a plea to recognise ‘strengths’ and ‘dreams’ in young people.

From the age of thirteen he kept chickens and sold their eggs. He worked on farms and by the age of fifteen had saved enough to buy his own tractor. Before Clarkson took over the management of his farm Kaleb had worked on it for three years ‘tractoring’ the fields. Despite being called a ‘Rural halfwit’ by Clarkson in response to being called a F…… idiot he shows an amazing level of intelligence and knowledge of farming and related business acumen.

Now at twenty-three, he has 50 acres of his own and leases another 200. What a fabulous example of following your dream and playing to your strengths. So, parents and leaders, nurture and encourage this and lets have more Kaleb’s.