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Kaleb – Jeremy Clarkson’s Farm

For those of you who have not been blessed with opportunity to meet the ‘inspired’ twenty-one-year-old Kaleb, co-star to Jeremy who out classes James May and Richard Hammond you are in for a treat if you do. This is not a plug for Amazon Prime but a plea to recognise ‘strengths’ and ‘dreams’ in young people.

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Employee Engagement

Steve Radcliffe identified a scale of a person’s engagement. We have shown it in cartoon format. It will help you identify where a person is so that you can coach them up a level.

We see this being used in ‘one to one’ conversations and when asking a team member where they think they are in different aspects of their role and what they could do to move up the scale.

To us ‘job satisfaction’ sits around ‘willing compliance.’ Ask the teams who produced the Covid vaccines (in ten months) if they are satisfied, they would look at you like you had just landed from Mars!

Of course, if you are the Leader who is wilfully or grudgingly compliant, what impact are you having on your team? If you are in HR and know you have a few managers who fall into this category what would you do? Perhaps you would invite us to come and deliver some in-house Leadership training.

Develop your People’s Strengths to increase Employee Engagement

According to research by Gallup (Tom Rath, 2009) where leadership fails to focus on an individual’s strengths, employee engagement is only 9% whereas when they focus on identifying and developing strengths it is a whopping 73%! Continue reading “Develop your People’s Strengths to increase Employee Engagement”

Teal Organisation

Frederic Laloux has created a model for stages of organisational development using colours based on the human’s neurological and consciousness development (similar to the Values Levels that we teach on NLP Master Practitioner). The latest to emerge is Teal.

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